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What? Wilma Haerkens, the founder of Personal Stylist, is starting a new company? Yes, she is!

“My book was supposed to change your life but it changed mine!” ~ Wilma Haerkens  

High-quality raw almonds

  •  unpasteurized & non-irradiated
  • refrigerated (for freshness)
  • soaked in filtered (Berkey) water for 8-12hrs (*)
  • dehydrated at 118° (up to 48hrs)
  • gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan & raw
  • ‘spicy’ almonds spiced with Himalayan salt, onion, garlic & cayenne
  • see below for our recycling program, special orders and delivery service

* Soaking releases enzyme inhibitors making almonds easier to digest and more nutritious.  Video and links for Berkey water

Recycle Program

Almonds come in mason jars. Return your jar for $1 off your next jar. Saving our planet, one jar at a time! 

Special Orders

Special requests are available but may be in limited sizes with a minimum of 72hrs notice. ‘Hot & Spicy’ (same ingredients but hotter!) and ‘Naked’ (sprouted but no spices). A little bit of Himalayan salt is added to the water to help the soaking process. 

If you would like more information or would like to place your special order, Contact Wilma or call (613) 741-1151.

FREE delivery!

FREE delivery in Ottawa/Gatineau on orders of $40 or more. We deliver every Wednesday between 11am-2pm or 5-8pm. No long-term contracts – you can cancel or modify your order at any time. Let’s get you started and set up your weekly or monthly orders!

If you would like more information about getting an order delivered to your home or office, Contact Wilma or call (613) 741-1151.

Taste testing party

Host a taste testing party at your office or home. Learn how to turn your almonds into butter and milk.

If you would like more information about hosting a taste testing party at your home or office, Contact Wilma or call (613) 741-1151.

What raw should mean to you

What raw should mean to you 
In the raw food world, raw means food that has not been pasteurized, non-irradiated, no GMOs and not heated over 118°. Heating foods over 118° (more than a hot sunny day) starts to kill the enzymes and nutrients in your food.    

Raw foods help nourish the body. Cooking foods cause a loss of nutrients. Why rob yourself of those enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals when you retain all their health properties by eating them raw. You don’t need to sacrifice taste either! You’ll find our almonds taste so much better. Watch the video below and see what our taste testers have to say. 

Are your almonds ‘truly’ raw?

Did you know that your almonds are most likely not ‘truly’ raw! Why? Because California supplies 80% of the almonds globally. California almonds are the only nut (it’s really a seed!) that MUST be — by law — pasteurized. They are either heat-pasteurized (steamed) or fumigated with a chemical called propylene oxide or PPO. Yes, that’s right! Your almonds may be coated with a jet engine fuel additive that was used for racing cars and motorcycles. 

Our certified organic Valencia almonds from Spain are ‘truly’ raw. Unpasteurized and non-irradiated. Wilma (and her supplier!) refrigerate almonds to keep them fresh and suggests you do the same. 

Nuts and seeds are almost always heated through roasting, shelling or pasteurization. Not ours!

If you would like more information about placing an order, Contact Wilma or call (613) 741-1151.

Here’s Wilma’s YouTube video about her ‘truly’ raw almonds. Click on the photo below to play video. 

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Delicious? See what my taste testers have to say!

Click on the photo below and see the response Wilma got from her taste testers.

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Nutritional Facts

1 ounce of almonds contains 163 calories, 14g of fats and 4g of fiber.

Almonds have a ‘zero’ on the glycemic index and more vitamin E than any other nut!

High in potassium and low sodium.

Almonds are a great source of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. 3 oz of almonds has 210 mg of calcium (much more than cow’s milk!) 

High in tryptophan, fatty acids, B vitamins, and magnesium. 

Almond skin contains more than 20 antioxidant flavonoids – so eat the skin!

Contact Wilma directly if you would like to know more about her spiced (or naked) raw almonds from Spain. From her kitchen to yours. Delivery service available. 

Beauty From The Inside Out

You want health and wellness in your life, right? Unfortunately, most people wait for something bad to happen to them before they’re willing to make some changes. So let’s get started, shall we! 

We all want that beautiful and radiant skin. We want to fight off diseases and age gracefully while looking good and feeling great.

Anti-aging products and services may be on the rise but I prefer to age naturally. You are not likely to see me lining up for a botox injection any time soon. If you are, that’s okay. It’s just not for me. So what am I doing? 

I’m doing the best anti-aging possible!

After writing my book, Anew You Style Journal, I wanted to experience what I was asking of my readers. I set goals for myself in the month of December – 31 Days to Dream Big in all 6 categories….including health!  I understood the power of writing things down. That’s why my book is a journal. It adds clarity and makes your changes more likely to come to fruition.

Before long, it happened to me! My health and wellness took over and I made drastic changes to my diet – or what I prefer to call it – my lifestyle. I’m living a more vegan (mostly raw) lifestyle, and loving it! I have more energy, sleep better, an overall feeling of well-being, reduced sugar cravings, more clarity, and my body thanks me every day. I lost 15 pounds in less than 3 months – without trying. 

Please take a look at my recommendations. See how easy it is for you to love your body from the inside out. 

Contact me if you any questions. I’m here to help! Send me an email or leave me a message on the links above. 

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